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Miami has been called the “South Manhattan”, considering its achieved importance as an international financial and cultural centre. It is considered the main centre of relationships with North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands, in the context of its intense combination of cultural and linguistic bonds between the various ethnic groups that have been socially interacting there for long. Miami was founded in 1896. To this regard, it is significant that it is also called, in many socio-political areas, the  “capital of the Americas”. During the last few years, the population of Miami has increased considerably and the whole world declares awareness of the fact that the combination of quality of life, climate and its urban safety cannot be found in any other American city.

Tourism is a resource of great importance for local budget. Miami beaches are known throughout the world for their amenity and the Art Deco neighbourhood of South Beach, with its night clubs, is considered one of the most glamourest in the world.

The State of Florida, as far as it is concerned, with a Gross Domestic Product higher than 5%, ranked fourth out of 56 States in the USA from the economical and social point of view. As far as the level of taxation is concerned – the so-called fiscal pressure -, instead, it ranked 36th, affecting in this way, indirectly, also the high standard of life of the population. All this broadly makes the state attractive, and both enterprises and investors are largely favoured by the described conditions.

Miami has a tropical climate with hot summers that can reach 35°C and winters characterized by mild temperatures, with maximum temperatures around 26°C and minimum temperatures around 16°C.

The relative closeness to Latin America make the city a base of absolute importance for relationships with South America: various multinational corporations such as American Airlines, Cisco, Disney, Exxon, FedEx, Microsoft, Oracle and Sony benefited from this location. Moreover, emerging international groups (such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Cruise) have decided to invest in the near future in Miami, establishing its own port HUB in Miami.

 (+ MIAMI 2020)

In the near future, Miami will have further real estate growth due to the so-called Miami 2020 project: a new extraordinary metropolitan skyline, enriched with new significant works such as the World Center, the Vizkayne, and the Entertainment Complex. It is an ambitious project made possible by over 10 billion dollars of investments earmarked for all planned projects, which will also involve new impressive accommodating facilities and strategic infrastructures linked to the dock.

For these reasons, commercial exchanges, cultural and occupational opportunities in Miami, which many people call the “pearl of Florida”, will increase enormously, attracting tourists, students and economic operators seamlessly throughout the year.

From this, a new boom of key sectors of Miami’s economy is expected to arise, including the real estate market, due to to the seamless flow of visitors and to a continuous generational and social turnover.


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