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PLENTIUM CAPITAL GROUP CORPORATION is a group of international standard, founded in 2012. It was created on the initiative of professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in orienting income projects based on modern types of investment.

 We assist with investments in the real estate and renewable energy sectors on the most important international markets, but are mainly  focused in the United States and Europe.

For its first area of action, PLENTIUM CAPITAL has chosen Miami, New York and London as main operational locations, orienting itself on the basis of  several requests from investors who, during the years, have looked for areas financially flourishing and protected by certainty and stability of the legal system locally in force. The relevant choices were also based on the consideration that they are places suitable for tourism and holidays and for significant income in real-estate assets purchased.

In the full protection of investments of its clients, PLENTIUM CAPITAL acts exclusively in areas having a well-defined legislation of real estate and building industries, where the legal certainty, as well as the clarity of tax laws and the full protection of property are absolutely guaranteed.

Our Group, in its action, coordinates and ensures the appropriate technical, economical and legal advice on the various types of investments: it intervenes, in the aforementioned fields, from the choice of the single initiatives to their final realization. In these segments, then, the group deals with pre-sale and post-sale operations, so that the management of the property, after the purchase, is fully protected from the legal, fiscal, financial and administrative point of view. These objectives, in its plans, serve the purpose of reconciling the convenience of an effective operational action for owners with a satisfactory profitability of the real estate investment.


PLENTIUM CAPITAL originated from the proven professionalism of 3 entrepreneurs who have been active for many years in the real estate, renewable energy and legal field at an international level.

Said activities are linked, in their applied planning, to various operations of research, transformation, development and management of economic and legal activities.


Luca Pettinato

Raffaello Giacchetti
Vice President and Head of Renewable Energies Investments

Lydia Chen
Non-Executive Director

Raoul Dale
Non-Executive Director

Brian Noriega
Chief Financial Officer

Ottorino De Sossi
Press Agent

Karl J. Schumer, Esq.
External Legal Counsel

Alessandro Graziotti
Area Manager Italy

Claudio Bagliani P.A.
Senior Real Estate Manager

Elizabeth Ryan
Senior Renewable Energies Manager

Alessandro Casata
Real Estate Manager

Andrea Gardosi
Project Manager

Elisabetta Oriente
Property Manager

Ed Gale
Ext. On Site Works


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Omnia srl

Studio Legale Sicari & Partners


  • 1001 Brickell Bay Drive Ste 2700 - 33131 Miami (US)

  • +1 3057043299