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The range of loans and other types of real estate financing that can be paid out isvery broad and therefore difficult to summarize. It is possible, however, to foresee very diversified areas of support ranging from the most common loans for commercial property to  those for residential use, to very sophisticated financing involving several individuals. Banks and companies offering capitals to buy real estate property, whether commercial or not, apply standardized procedures directed to incontrovertibly establish the amount of the financing to be provided, accrued interests and payment terms. In most cases, the loan is secured by a mortgage ensuring priority of the lender’s interest as preferred creditor.

Investors or foreign buyers may encounter difficulties in obtaining a loan if they do not have the so-called Credit History: i.e. a rating (or estimate) – used in the U.S.A. and in the U.K. – related to timely payment of their past and present debts. This evaluation is a key factor for banks or other financial institutions to grant loans or financing.

PLENTIUM CAPITAL, through its external partners, is able to facilitate investors or foreign buyers so that they may obtain loans or financing more easily for their needs.


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