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As it is generally known and accepted, from the financial and cultural point of view, New York is considered the real capital of the world by most people.

If it were one of 50 US States, it would rank sixth on a national scale for wealth produced and, if it were an independent nation, it would have a GDP higher than that of Switzerland. On the contrary, its product per capita would bring it to the second position in the world, preceded by Luxembourg only.

The wealth and force of attraction of New York towards the rest of the world has been absolutely unquestionable for over two centuries.

Today, the city is made up of 5 districts: MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, QUEENS, BRONX and STATEN ISLAND.

 Brooklyn is the most densely populated neighbourhood and it was an independent urban place until 1898.  Brooklyn is famous for its cultural, social and ethnic diversity, with various distinct neighbourhoods populated by different national groups of European origin and has a particular architectural heritage.

Manhattan is the most densely populated neighbourhood of the city and hosts, among other things, the well-known Central Park, one of the most famous public parks of the world as well as the green heart of NY.  Manhattan is the financial centre of the city and has many cultural attractions, including several national museums, the historic theatrical neighbourhood of Broadway, the renowned Greenwich Village, and it is a great public area of unconventional culture. Amongst the most known existing facilities we cannot but mention the very celebrated Madison Square Garden, one of the most distinguished sports and theatrical centres of the world.

Queens is geographically the largest neighbourhood in NYC. In the past, before the urbanization that has been characterising it for long time, it was a group of small towns and villages founded by the Dutch.

Staten Island is linked to Brooklyn by the famous Verrazzano Bridge – Narrows Bridge and to Manhattan through the Staten Island Ferry. The Staten Island Ferry is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of New York; from the ferries you can enjoy a wonderful view, among other things, on the famous Statue of Liberty.


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