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Fund-raising for Investiment

PLENTIUM CAPITAL makes its choices based on the sole criterion of making secure and highly-profitable investments. This objective has always been achieved by the Group thanks to a close-knit and successful team of lawyers, real estate agents, fiscal and accountant advisers, architects and many other professionals with whom it has always tried to achieve and maintain an excellent business, cultural and organizational environment directed towards fruitful, collective cooperation.

In this context, it is possible to invest in 3 different phases of action:

1- Design

This phase consists essentially in participating in an investment project – which generally is realized with the construction or renovation of a building (villa, condominium, skyscraper, hotel, etc.) – from its preliminary activities (i.e. the initial fund-raising and the following development of the initiative) to the closing of the same project (usually through the sale of the so-called “finished product”), consequently attaining high yields.

2- Construction

The ways of participation in the phase of “Construction” are almost identical to those of “Design”. The yield (slightly lower, even though very high) and shareholdings vary.

3- Sale

The sale concerns precisely the Finished Product. While the first two possible actions involve, above all, professional investors (reference is made to all those operating with the main aim to make several speculative operations in order to obtain excellent returns), the “Sale of Finished Product” concerns all individuals who consider the purchase of an apartment in Miami as a secondary residence or as a place where  they can spend some months throughout the year, by obtaining a considerable yield from lease activity when the housing unit is unoccupied.

Project-based Investments

This service starts with identifying – together with the client – the most beneficial opportunity, based on the budget that the client wishes to invest, and proceeding with its planning and realization.

Throughout this activity, PLENTIUM CAPITAL selects structures and realizes ad hoc investment opportunities, following the highest standards and meeting the requests of the most demanding investors.

For further information, please contact us or sign up to our mailing list by sending an e-mail to info@plenitumcapital.com.

New Constructions – Promising Opportunities

Amongst the current construction sites, the group has started fund-raising for the demolition and renovation of a new condominium in Miami Beach.

Furthermore, it is possible to purchase apartments in the process of full renovation in advance, request furniture and comfort of any kind, according to the needs of the persons interested in the initiative.

For further information, please contact us and sign up to our mailing list by sending an e-mail to info@plenitumcapital.com.


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