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PLENTIUM CAPITAL’s extended experience in the field called, at an international level, “real estate” allows the group to offer a service of excellence in the area of real estate investments.

The group  offers opportunistic and extremely value-added investment strategies to investors looking for a profitable exposure in the property markets of North America. As a matter of fact, its income strategies are based on the continuous economic-profitable research and constantly adhere to a regulated and time-tested management process.

PLENTIUM CAPITAL offers several investment solutions to clients having specific objectives:

Fixed-income investments, characterized by differentiation that steers clients towards the main types of real estate operations (offices, industrial property, retail sales, multi-family dwellings, vacation houses, etc.).

Value-added investments, directed to offer particularly profitable yields through specific speculative operations.

PLENTIUM CAPITAL tries to identify and seize emerging investment opportunities and related trends far before they become opportunities offered to the general market, so as to be able to pursue investment strategies that best capitalize the relevant opportunities.

Together with real estate investments, PLENTIUM CAPITAL carries out research, design, transformation, development and real estate management operations and offers technical, organizational, financial and fiscal services.

One of the main objectives of PLENTIUM CAPITAL is to make its own experience to the investor available so that he may improve the traditional banking performances through a solid real-estate investment.

Furthermore, PLENTIUM CAPITAL is able to propose interesting opportunities to purchase exclusive properties.

In order to protect its clients’ investments, the group acts exclusively in areas having a well-defined legislation on real estate and building industries, where the legal certainty, the clarity of legislative and fiscal provisions and the full protection of property are absolutely guaranteed.

PLENTIUM CAPITAL is able to provide advice on various types of real estate investment: from single initiative options to their final realization, i.e. from pre-sale and post-sale operations , so that also the management of the property, after the purchase, is fully protected from the legal, fiscal, financial and administrative point of view. These objectives, in its plans, have the purpose to reconcile the convenience of an effective operational action, for owners, with a satisfactory profitability of the real estate investment.


  • 1001 Brickell Bay Drive Ste 2700 - 33131 Miami (US)

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