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The sector of the so-called clean, or renewable, energies, is rapidly consolidating its position alongside traditional energy sources. This process is caused not only by concerns regarding energy safety and environment, but also stability and growing competitiveness of life-cycle costs for renewable generation sources. In this context, in addition to the described broad investment opportunities in real estate industry, PLENTIUM CAPITAL has also been operating appreciably for a long time in the field of investment opportunities of “clean and renewable” kind.

Our team has a personal knowledge of the industry and a unique experience that allows us to fully and timely evaluate crucial aspects of all investment opportunities in the industry, and to increase the value of available activities for operations.

Our Group has been focused for many years on investments in renewable energy and smart energy technologies in sectors that include wind and solar energy, biofuels, biomasses, geothermal energy, energy efficiency and storage. Typically, PLENTIUM CAPITAL invests in high-growth, asset-based, and capital-intensive segments of clean energy value chain with the minimum risk of technological development, above all in common control positions.

In a framework of global competition for the control of fuel resources and of the growing concern for high environmental costs related to the production of traditional energy, a trend has gained ground in support of clean and renewable energy sources. All this has created new and significant opportunities of capital investment in this sector.

Complexity of clean energy markets, technology and regulations require a refined understanding of these dynamics and of their interactions in the field of investments. Our investment team’s background, experience and track-record allow us to recognize, manage and make the most of these changes and opportunities.


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