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Property Management activity consists of full management services of the property: from housing unit maintenance to collection of lease fees.

For all those who live in Italy (or outside the US) and do not know how to manage their property in the United States, to entrust our Property Management dedicated division with it proves to be an effective solution.   As a matter of fact, by paying a modest monthly fee, we take charge of the apartment and take care of its ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, cleaning, payment of various utilities and, if you decide to lease it, we also deal with collecting lease fees, handling the relationships with various leaseholders, as well as controlling housing unit conditions when the latter leaves it upon expiry of the contract.

Below Property Management services are indicated in a more analytical way:
  1. Maintenance and repairs: in case of any damages to the property, we rely on our workers’ network, including bricklayers and plumbers, electricians and wall painters. Once the problem is verified and quantified, we contact the competent worker immediately who, the same day or at the latest the day after the notification, will take initiative in finding a solution for it.
  2. Constant Inspections: our staff carries out monthly inspections on the apartments assigned to our care in order to verify the presence of problems and to arrange for any necessary solutions. This consists of a careful examination of the housing unit and includes the control of the well-functioning of equipment and sockets, air conditioning, electrical appliances, furniture conditions, walls, roof, bathroom, pipes and kitchen and bathroom drains as well as the presence of termites, ants and various insects.
  3. Cleaning: when leaseholders change, we organize full cleaning of the apartment using trustworthy workers. The service includes cleaning of floor, windows, bathroom, kitchen, furniture and washing of linen. If the client decides, instead, not to lease the property and wishes to keep it clean, we will take care of handling the practical relationship with cleaners by checking if the work has been executed according to due standards.
  4. Renovation and interior design: to renovate, if necessary, the property we are in direct contact with leading general contractors. We can, therefore, negotiate prices and materials to be used in the aforementioned services with them according to owners’ needs and instructions. Works are constantly and directly monitored by us. As far as interior design is concerned, our interior designers, who have over twenty-year’s experience, help investors make their choices in an analytical way.
  5. Administrative and financial activities.
  6. Insurance.
  7. Payment of Utilities.
  8. Collect of lease fees: each month, we can take care of collecting lease fees from leaseholders by ensuring their punctuality in payments. From the first day of the month, leaseholders have five working days to settle the fee: in case of delay, we will apply a penalty of 50 dollars and post up a “Three Days Notice” on the door of the apartment, i.e. a notice under which the owner will be entitled to start an eviction process if the leaseholder does not pay within three days.
  9. Management of relationships with condominium associations..
  10. Monthly Reports.
  11. Transfer of property yields to the owner’s bank account..


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